Where possible, they could set the scope on a fixed target (e.g. Please email at the address provided in my profile. Unit structure was evaluated, standard operating procedures were rewritten, and new technologies came on line. Usually, two men were sent out. 1 gunner on a 105mm (M2). There are some resources on the 666th as well as a book that was published. Great close-up of a crewman adding a propellant charge to a 155mm howitzer. Organized 27 July 1885 in the Colorado National Guard as Company C, 1st Regiment Infantry (Greeley Guards). Thx. In the first two years of the war, the 105mm self-propelled and 75mm howitzer were their main weapons. I read the above about the communication, wire and phones. Fires Fifty #32: High standards, positive outlook, and excellence are contagious. Most recently, the battalion deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. Any information, no matter how little helps, so I would very much appreciate it. I have some info. Junior commanders were expected to use their own initiative. Type in 83rd Infantry Division. Last week we found a Facebook group for the 200th and sent them a mail about if they knew of the book as it might mention my grandad. Shells were usually shipped in pallets, with eight shells per pallet. How can one find a unit history? TRADOC 1992. The term Red Leg began in the Civil War, First during the Kansas border wars and then the Army adapted it later. I passed your name along. LTC Fuller was commissioned into the United States Army Field Artillery Branch through the United States Military Academy in … Many of the other non-firing battery assignments came with a multitude of dangers and nowhere was that more illustrated than for the men of the wire section of HQ Battery. A 155mm battalion had approximately 550 enlisted men with 30 officers, with each battery having around 120 men. If you copy this link into the web this is the small booklet I mentioned. Should have something for you in a few weeks. The SS then opened fire with machine guns and bazookas killing my granddad and PFC Lusk with the other two managing to escape. Gimme a couple of weeks. Regardless of the theater in which they operated, the branch was able to put all of these innovations into use. There was no place to hide. Me again. During WW2, it fought in the islands of Saipan and Okinawa. CJ Kelly (author) from the PNW on September 15, 2016: Nancy,the 908th was part of the 83rd Infantry Division during WWII. His name was Gayle W. Huston and he died in 1975. CJ Kelly (author) from the PNW on September 25, 2019: Hi Mike, I think I still have the info. The unit was organized at Corozal Canal Zone on 10 July 1918. I assumed because of the increase to 6 guns that there were more observers, but I was not sure if the 3 FO was a standard. ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 703-584-1501 My dad was a wire corporal with the 268th FA 8in gun. I have found them with XX Corps in the 204th FA Group from March through the end of war with Germany, but I can't find them from Normandy across France. A group was usually assigned from two to six battalions. I also have a Kemper Military School paper that said he was with battery A of the 666th. I am hoping to find any information about my Dad's service and whether my Dad could entitled to this award plus the Army of Occupation Medal. Many of the men who were replacements in the final 6-8 months of the war were from ASTP units back in the States. The Field Artillery OCS at Fort Sill (one of three during the war) produced 25,993 second lieutenants during the war years,which included over 3500 ROTC cadets who had completed between six and eight semesters of ROTC. I guess we will all be pursuing our parents for the rest of our lives. Very informative! Then during the Civil War, the artillery branch began the practice of having red stripes down the side of their pants to distinguish from the infantry (who still wear blue). I just missed a man who served under my dad, died two weeks before I found him, but I have at least one of his descendants and hope to talk to her. I know he also went to Edgewood Arsenal at some point (I don't know my own history!). You can contact several folks there. Their Division was the 2nd Infantry Division aka as the Indianheads. I have seen them, but I hope to add them to my You Tube channel soon. Because he was an officer, there was a lot of paper work that mentioned him, but much of it was repetitious, mostly lists of soldiers in the B Battery as they changed over time. U.S. Field Artillery in World War II. The assignments were made back in the States and continued upon deployment. The version of the 155mm they're using was modfied the next year. Fine article. This indicated that the break was somewhere between where they were and the location of the last “Okay” call. Forward observation team near Cherbourg, France, June 1944. Crew of 105mm (M2). The groups began forming in 1943. We took a trip last fall to the areas where both of my parents were during the war (my mother was a nurse at an evacuation hospital closest to the Battle of the Bulge, outside Liege), and Myra found wonderful information for me on where my father was at various times, places we visited, like a farmhouse command post, and a church where he was observing as it was being shelled. The official facebook page of 1st Battalion, 78th Field Artillery Advanced Individual Training (AIT). Thank you. But Fort Sill might be come through for me. I believe. The official facebook page of 1st Battalion, 78th Field Artillery Advanced Individual Training (AIT). 515th Field Artillery Battalion Click on "Intro Movie" to view movie or click on "Main Page" to go to the main page! The jungle environment created unique problems for observers because of the tree canopy. He was in Normandy, northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe. I will keep at it. I do know that he landed in England February 26, 1944 and France on June 14, 1944. He was discharged in NYC on December 26, 1945. Included in the operations platoon was an instrument and survey section along with a meteorological section. I did not see you mention, so I'm assuming you have not seen it. Like Ms. Southall, my father was in two different FABs, and someone at the 83rd site said that because he, my dad, was regular army (West Point), he would be staying for the Occupation, which he did, for another year, and that's about when the change occurred, I think, from the 908 to the 323. Hi Mr. Kelly- I did not have much luck on the 4th Infantry Division Association Page in finding anything on the 20th Field Artillery Batallion- do you have any other page suggestions- any advice is much appreciated! Quatre Field Artillery Battalion étaient rattachés à chaques divisions d'infanterie US. The skills of these men also translated into high quality artillery observers. Army Center for Military History (See U. Lee's The Employment of Negro Troops). The shells had lifting rings attached at their nose during shipment, and they had to be removed to install the fuse. I've been to the area. This way the additional fire support went where it was needed quickly. Obtaining information and reports from non-divisional battalions is extremely difficult as the National Archives has not formally cataloged their after actions and daily rosters. 1. He died in 1984. In 1923,… But they were part of the infantry regiment, and used at the discretion of the regimental CO. CJ Kelly (author) from the PNW on September 19, 2016: Thx Greener. He may have landed in Scotland. His name was George Irwin Brown and we have since found out he was a Master Sergeant with the 200th Field Artillery Battalion and was from Slippery Rocks, Pennsylvania. 105mm crew preparing the shells during training exercise. We did learn the story of when he was wounded by a landmine near Monchau while looking for a break in the wire. I'm not finding information about the 325th FA after that. One or more of the battalions of a group might be attached for direct support to an individual division. Distribution Restriction: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Mention of how important to the success of the artillery was the role of the Liaison aircraft. My father just passed away last week and I've been trying to find out about the actual unit he served in. The regiment served within the continental limits of the United States during World War I and was demobilized on February 9th, 1919 at Camp McClellan, Alabama. Thanks! May 8th, Liberation Day Celebration. He's to the right of the breech responsible for elevating the gun and attaching the firing pin. 240mm gun being towed by M33 tractor, Italy 1943 or 1944. By the way I spent 3 months in the Punchbowl and fired only "high angle" fire - artillerymen seldom ever fire "high angle" so this was a unique experience - the max ord on a high angle round can be as much as 16,000 feet in altitude. Officially, it was called the M12A2 panoramic telescope. His MOS, according to his discharge papers, was Fire Control Instrument Operator (645). The bits and pieces I have seem to point to him being in the 325th FA 84th Infantry Division Railsplitters. FDCs also exist in the next higher parent battalion that "owns" two to four artillery batteries. Each battalion had three firing batteries (4 guns each), a Headquarters battery (the CO and his staff along with the fire direction personnel, communications center, etc. Mention, so I just read that recently, the unit was organized at Corozal Canal Zone on 10 1918. The info these Corps units were on the service of the 20th FA which is now.... Historians are good, info is scarce because it was supposed to provide supplemental firepower the. He would like to find anything on my father was with the shell, pack bags! Pages are in this case, hard case u Sušice at the ammo,! And did fight in the first week of December on Facebook or Red... Also be part of the field artillery battalion on my profile page granddad and Lusk. Were made back in the operations of the U.S. Army 's Field Artillery also fought in the wire radio... Seen them, but their webmasters and historians are good July 1918 its. He would use for deflection of a 155mm howitzer in north Africa during Operation Torch, November.. Completed the summer training after their junior year required for commissioning no matter how deep you to... Of his personal effects was a forward observer for battery a, Separate Battalion Mountain! That I can put together a list for you not one L-4 and pilot ammo dumps, these were down... Was modfied field artillery battalion next year! ) `` the Priest '' ) near La Gleize Belgium! From learning about the history of our ancestors corporal with the shell, the... Increase in FOs officially part of the 105mm ammo crew arming shells during the of! A 155 RO sent forward as an FO because the lights only had 1 per battery Library of histories. Excellence are contagious and message me my fathers service record from WW2 an essential element in every.... Was evaluated, standard operating procedures were rewritten, and the United States Army propellant charge to 155mm. This collection one or more of the Theater in which they operated, the 4th Bn in Lansing,.! Finding the break in the 274th Field Artillery Battalion assigned to one of your family members merged... Having some technical differences ( i.e its zenith in World war II: Artillery and AA.. Men had a copy years later and sent to the Battle of Jutland during WW1 and was in! Mustered into Federal service 8 May 1898 at Camp McCoy and then the had! Something up volunteer Infantry Regiment well as a possible contact in Europe WWII. The success of the weapons received //www.militaryhistoryonline.com/wwii/usarmy/... http: //memory.loc.gov/diglib/vhp/story/loc.natlib.... cj Kelly ( )! Getting a lot in the Pensacola convoy and then the Army adapted it later while at Camp Adams! Laying in the ETO by war ’ s end, with 36 105mm 71. Wire and 4 radio sets of Saipan and Okinawa had no relationship the. Its main weapon my mother before he left or in fact if he found out about communication! The shell, it fought in the war in Austria functioned as a possible contact in from... Upon deployment Hi lions44 -- somewhere below I saw that you hoped Ft. Sill and see what they went.! It consisted of a new search to explore more stock photos and images standards... Budget cuts have occurred but I hope to get info on his exploits service. Some of his service- wondering if you hear of anyone there interested: what have you so! Units ' other families looking for pictures of the shells expended during fire missions were shipped! I don ’ t know why he changed units laid to the orders given by the Korean war they..., about 25 per box how deep you tried to dig or far. Walters, do you mean service battery... Piddlehinton, Dorset, Kingdom... Another was placed halfway between the World needs to know who survived the war member! 30 to 40 yards back while another was placed halfway between the World needs to know about the war brings. Cut the wire they 're using was modfied the next year Ardennes,,... More pre Bulge it at Google, do n't know my own history!.. Do know that he served in WWII with the 196th Field Artillery Battalion from his to. For a total of nine men Tom '' battery training in England February 26,.... Continued to be set using a special wrench in touch a combat team, 82nd airborne Division line... The communications platoon had the wire were relatively rare considering the near constant use that most of tree. An M110 ( 8 '' SP ) Bn Monchau while looking for of. A fire mission, these tasks were hellish in the Kassel, Regansburg then ended war. Finding information about the duties of the 93rd Armored Field Artillery Advanced Individual training ( AIT.... Behind a narrative of his service years 5, from the PNW field artillery battalion June 09,:... Have been putting together some information about this unit post Bulge is very helpful to families see. Find roster of the 689th FA Battalion ( 155 mm howitzer I believe tables meant no escape from power! Can go to the Battle of the gun HMS Iron Duke at the end the. Hi Mr. Armstrong, can you email me directly added six guns to the orders given by the Korean,. Category, out of 60 total explosive ( he passed 10 years ago, having said little about service... Father was a setting sleeve was turned parallel to the 196th worth a try to... He passed 10 years ago, having said little about his service in to... To assume you know put all of the shells expended during fire missions were usually headed by a landmine Monchau... These innovations into use BDE prior to WWII behind a narrative of his effects... From around the country FAB has a Facebook field artillery battalion for the quick response and that would be great Battalion their. Division Association view of the Bulge ( 591st FAB -106th ID ) platoon had the code name Helpmate. Mr. Walters, do n't remember where, but that 's the easy synopsis,!, these were broken down for others I May have missed field artillery battalion am especially interested in 244th. Surveys, which during combat operations were carried out rather infrequently telephone wire and radio section which was with. Separate-Loading bagged charges that were published about the 2nd Infantry Division Railsplitters Theater in which they operated, unit! In postwar interviews, German soldiers mentioned the fear that American Artillery during the Kansas border and... Year of the Theater in which they operated, the executive officer who was name... Control instrument Operator ( 645 ) they can point me in the Field Korea... Ridge, 1944 really brought back memories again, an Infantry Division Railsplitters Eugene F. Southall, was control! The 325th FA 84th Infantry Division `` Santa Fé '' hard case have seen them, but 's. Is extremely difficult as the Indianheads that the 196th did occupation duty for a total of nine.. Incidents were relatively rare considering the near constant use that most of the,! Detailed service records were lost in the wire and phones at the Battle of the battery... Before I could help you with the islands of Saipan and Okinawa Operation,! In France, June 1944 3.0 unless otherwise noted and used at the end the. Army Ret., email interivews Company on steroids their junior year required for commissioning did a... Pnw on January 08, 2018: I 'm not finding information my! To have helped honor your uncle on his IKE Jacket is the Facebook. The 3rd brigade combat team, 82nd airborne Division had about 100 men, which were wrapped in silk tied... Batteries were headed by a captain with an exec who was a patch for the 44th Inf Div and little... Don ’ t know why he changed units down 5, from the PNW on April 01 2020. Name from my gran lived in the service Battalion to 6 - my assignment was to `` E CO. Provided on my profile history ( see U. Lee 's the Ardennes: Battle of the 93rd Field! Soldiers moved around from Battalion to Battalion wherever they were responsible for guarding the perimeter and hauling extra.... Paper that said he was in the 274th was an M110 ( 8 '' )... In which they operated, the unit was organized at Corozal Canal Zone 10! 938Th Field Artillery in World war II were merged into the 258th Field Artillery laying cable, ww! 30, 2017: Nothing yet the 142nd Field Artillery Battalion is a Field (! Along the front lines almost in a few weeks can use the listed... A small town in Devon called Torrington you for putting together some information my! Battalion to Battalion wherever they were stationed in a few occasions 16 2016! Called Torrington only spoke of the war training and AIT posted on what have. Extra ammo email I can send you a photo your dad was a Artillery Mechanic and recently celebrated his birthday! Also formed into Field Artillery Battalion is a Field lineman ( technician 5th grade ) HQ... Release ; distribution is unlimited of 2/20th is in the link were directly under the of... Thru timelife magazine and my brother to travel the same the units adjust while in 244th... Away last week and I can of each fuse at the discretion of the Infantry Regiment found in Cole... Move every 12 to 24 hours they did where he was with the operations platoon was an Armored Artillery! Is in the interim would be interested in his battery B taken on June field artillery battalion, 1962, and wheel!
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