Meanwhile Boo has discovered Mike's CD collection, neatly arranged in two stacks.). (Randall and Fungus coming running down the hall, crashing after Sulley and Mike. Terrified, Boo's face widens in fear and she runs to hide. (Boo roars again.) OW!! The Jumbo-tron reads "WARNING: CONTAMINATION ALERT", replacing the yellow circle with a black child inside.). Mike and Sullivan come to a Japanese paper door. A hanging stereo speaker lands on his head. Sulley! Don't let it touch you! Temperature's a balmy 65 degrees, which is good news for you reptiles, and it looks like it's gonna be a perfect day to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in, or simply... (gets annoyed) WORK OUT THAT FLAB THAT'S HANGING OVER THE BED!!! Roz: (calling after Mike) I'm watching you, Wazowski. Mr. Waternoose: Leave a door open, and a child could walk right into this factory. No! Mike: Okay, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scar-- Kid's asleep! Anyone? And I plan to keep them coming. Yo. Sulley is hit in the face with a snowball. ), (A CDA Agent steps in front of Celia and herds her away.). (Between each push-up, Sulley springs into the air, striking a fearsome pose and roaring. Boo seems to understand. I need scarers like... like... James P. Sullivan. (Mike leaps onto Sulley's back, sending both of them tumbling down the side of the snowy mountain. with George Peppard, Dirk Benedict and Mr. T The "SCARE" light is turned off, and tired scarers emerge from doors.). Randall: Cheating?! ), (The same image of the restaurant becomes part of a news report, with the word, "KID-TASTROPHE!" (The doors slam shut, leaving Sulley clearly troubled by Waternoose's words.). Yeah, you know-- (another toy) Oh, that's cute. Sulley freezes. Mike then decides that the judge was right and he is the evil that is used to destroy other evil men. (Mike scoots her out of view using a broom, then sprays the area with disinfectant. She scampers off down the hall.). Needleman: You know my mom. ), Mike: Oh, hey! Milking a yak ain't exactly a picnic, but you know, once you pick the hairs out, it's very nutritious. [14], Despite his and others' reaction to the sentence and Diana's bitterness toward those who targeted him, he says his probation officer, who followed his trial, was generally sympathetic and wished only to help him through his probation. Sulley: (nervous) Uh, well... uh... er, uh... Mike: No! WE HAVE A 23-19!!!!! They all got one thing in common, pal: banishment! Please, Fungus? Yeti: Oh, would you look at that? Sulley motions for her to stay quiet. ), (Randall straps Boo into the scream extractor chair. Too expensive. ), (The CDA arrives in helicopters and vans.). ), (A purple chameleon-like monster named Randall Boggs, uncamouflages and jumps out at Mike. Mike: I bet it's just waiting for us to fall asleep, and then, WHAM!!! I never should have trusted you with this. holding Boo), (A pile of partially assembled doors starts to move, as if someone were stacked within it. We can't trust Randall. (Mike hits a button on his keypad. Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. Randall uncamouflages out of the painting.) (Celia's snakes hiss. Sulley, Mike and Boo burst out of a door, hanging thousands of feet in the air. They run to the edge of the platform. Oh, Googly Bear...! This is the men's room. (Across the room, Waxford turns and looks around revealing many shifty eyes. Mike: Hello? Sulley: Uh, actually, she's my, uhhh, my cousin's sister's--. Where did you come from? I'll tell you, it's great to be here in... your room. (Mike prepares himself and walks towards Roz's station.). With the top scarers... (On the screen, Sulley stands next to a door standing on a factory work floor, known as the Scare Floor. ), (Sulley, Mike, and Boo appear cautiously from behind a row of lockers.). We're out of snowcones. He turns and pushes the toboggan out of the cave. 'Nother gator?! Sulley awkwardly does his best to comfort her. Aah! Randall: Will you be quiet?! [4][3] Though Diana received barely passing or failing grades, he received A's in art classes. Soft moonlight illuminates the room. A horn sounds, and each scarer rushes up to their door. Mike follows, jumping onto the door behind him. Mike: Yeah, the one at station six. James, this company has been in my family for three generations. Confused, Mike opens it. (The lead CDA agent shows the charred remains of the M.I. Second of all, you're nuts if you think kidnapping me is gonna help you cheat your way to the top! A welcoming committee! ), (Celia SHRIEKS. This is not what Randall was expecting.). Sometimes, the monsters get ridiculous, especially in fillers, where they are almost always themed after the plot of the episode. (Mr. Waternoose is suddenly struck with an idea.). (he steps inside.) I'm getting warmer, any second now! Mike: Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet-- Oop! Mr. Waternoose is so startled that he drops his coffee cup.). Mike: Again? Mike: I just got us into a little place called, um, "Harryhausen's.". That's got to be a new haircut. Sulley: Oh, just doing my job, Mr. Waternoose. Upon conclusion of the exam, which involved an interview, an examination of his work, true/false questions, and a Rorschach test, she charged him $1,300, informing him that she had spent 10 hours reviewing his comics. Move it! Fungus stands next to him.). ), (The only available door is on the ground, undergoing some sort of maintenance. We're sitting targets! Mike: Now that we have her, he is trying to kill us! Is there a problem? Misc Monster #3: It's true! "The Playboy Forum". Sulley: That's... what I decided to call her. (Randall exits. She giggles, then scampers off to hide behind another stalls. No, no, I can't... Sir, sir, you have to listen to me. Sulley breathes a sigh of relief. I got us a way out of this mess, but we gotta hurry. Sulley: No, her door was white, and it had flowers on it. ), Waiters: いらっしゃいませ! (Mike pretends to wave a stick at Boo's face, as if she was a dog, and he throws it in the door.). George: (to CDA agents) Hey, thanks, guys, that was a close one. Randall: No, no, wait! I'm Rauno from Vancouver, Canada. Augustus "Spike" Jones puts a tentacle in his mouth and blows. Never go out in a blizzard. Sulley: Aw, just trying to make sure there's enough scream to go around. (As they approached the lobby doors, a fellow worker emerges. Ms. Flint: No, no, before that. (Sulley tries in vain to catch Boo's eye. She runs to her closet and opens it. (At the reception desk, Celia Mae is answering phone calls.). Mr. Waternoose: Well, James, that was an impressive display. Celia: (o.s., over P.A. Called himself "King Itchy". I think you mean wonderland! She grabs Mike's leg, and so is dragged after him.). Announcer: (v.o.) ), (Randall uncamoflages in front of the door, and opens it. Mike: I have no idea. gym bag, scoops her up, and zips it closed. Sulley: That's right, Boo. Roz: (sternly) Hello, Wazowski. Uhm, so to confirm, then, you did find the ah... Fungus: Oh, huzzah! Sulley opens he door and motions for Mike to jump in. What is that thing? Waternoose: Sullivan! Sulley: Nothing's coming out of the closet to scare you anymore. When new customers enter the restaurant, the waiters all yell. (Needleman and Smitty load the defunct door into the shredder. Mike: Okay. Charlie: Hey, Wazowski, nice job. Look! Sulley: (relieved) Boo! Is that a new haircut? Come here! Sulley, Mike and Boo peek out from behind the door and see Waternoose and the CDA agents below.). Give it a rest, will ya, butterball? (Sulley drags Mike away. As Randall walks away, the door rises, revealing Sulley hidden behind it. Hello? "Boxing Diana - obscenity charges against comic book author Mike Diana", "CCBLDF Case Files – Florida v. Mike Diana", "Mike Diana Talks to Richardson Magazine", "Author of pedophile guide arrested on Florida obscenity charge", "A Pinellas cartoonist was jailed for obscenity 26 years ago. You can't make me. Mike grabs onto Sulley's tail, trying to slow him down.). (A little day care kid steps up to Mike. Let's move, let's move! Randall: Wazowski! Soft moonlight illuminates the room. Mike was reminding me. (As the commotion clears, Sulley peeks out from behind Boo's door. I saw the whole thing! (Mike emerges from behind the door, carrying Boo's monster costume.). I mean, how 'bout all this fabulous snow, huh? Before his probation officer quit the Salvation Army-run probation department, she told the court before that Diana had violated his probation. (Later, the monster kids jump rope as Mike and Sulley pass.). I know it sounds crazy, but trust me. Take your hands off me. (Sulley stands protectively in front of the bed). Color them online or print them out to color later. We can talk about this. It's all about presence! Randall lands in a French kid's room, then continues after Mike and Sulley. It's active. (runs off), (The monsters work fast and furious. (Sulley grabs Randall by the neck, wrestling him like an alligator. Sulley races down the hall, with Boo in one arm, and her door in the other. NOW, PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM, OR SO HELP ME...!!! CDA Agent: (to fellow agent) Careful with that. Roz closes her desk window as CDA agents run by.). Huh? No, no, no, no, no, no. Mr. Waternoose: An entire scare floor out of commission. Mr. Waternoose: Tell that to the board of directors. She whimpers as Waternoose looks on.). 15 comments. Ms. Flint: And leaving a door open is the worst mistake any employee can make because...? The song continues. I'm sorry you boys got mixed up in this. (Sulley smashes the light on top of the door. They emerge again, this time through a door moving along the door track. (The Scare Floor has now officially become The Laugh Floor. George relaxes, whistling happily as he walks away. Judging by her tone, she's been through this before.). Mike: Roz, my tender, oozing blossom, you're looking fabulous today. Jerry: (to camera) I'm Monsters Incorporated! Too Greek! (Outside of Monstropolis, at morning, the sun rises over Monstropolis, an industry town much like Pittsburg. (beat) That was weird. Laughter emanates from all the doors. Randall enters, wheeling a cart of scream cans towards the door. Not when we're so close to breaking the record. Mike smiles as a gigantic can fills with laughs.). Sulley peeks into the room.). ), (She backs away from Sulley and trips over a cable. ), Sulley: See? (fakes a cough). (clears throat) Happy birthday. Mike: Schmoopsie-Poo, I really can't talk. Michael Kopsa, Actor: Fantastic Four. Hurriedly Mike and Sulley yank the shades closed. Fungus: Thank goodness. Randall's assistant Fungus scratches his head.). ), (Just in time, Sulley rushes in, roaring angrily. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... Mr. Waternoose: (o.s.) ), (Needleman tapes a yellow "X" across the door.). Attention, employees: Randall Boggs has just broken the all-time scare record! The lights in the apartment glow even brighter than before. [5], Diana testified for over three hours to explain his art to the jury, though the judge denied his request to enter into evidence a stack of his old underground comics, with which Diana wished to illustrate that he was not doing anything unprecedented. I'm cooperating. In silence, he slowly pushes it past Mike.). Okay, all we have to do is get rid of that "thing." Aaaah! (he spots the eye stalk.) So now the truth comes out, doesn't it? Sulley: Yeah, like on "Monstropolis' Most Wanted"? ), (Sulley closes the door, embarrassed. Keep breathing. It stops in front of a pile of hiker paraphernalia piled in the corner of the cave. Charlie's eyes go wide. Okay, on three. Yeti: "Wasteland"? Sulley: (to Randall) She's not scared of you anymore. Randall: Come on, come on, come on! Waternoose: Yes, yes, I'm coming. Sulley: Guys, I told you, call me Sulley. Mike: Very good. (stops mocking) What a creep. Mike: Never mind. DO SOMETHING!!! Sulley: (to himself) Pink copies goes to accounting, the fuchsia ones go to Roz. Sulley quietly walks out of the room, shutting the door behind him. On the Jumbo-tron behind him is a security cam view of George's back, showing the sock.). You can't just-, (As George staggers to his feet, Charlie spots a sock stuck to his chest. Hey! (Boo spins around in a circle, getting dizzy). Mike Diana was born in 1969 in New York City. Celia: Last night was one of the worst nights of my entire life, bar-none! You know, I hadn't even noticed. (Boo squirms out of Sulley's arms and runs off under a desk. (The tiny monster husband flies away. Boo totters towards them, babbling. Randall: Huh? Mike: I don't believe it. ), (Because the door was lying sideways, Mike's fall changes trajectory as he enters the French kid's room. She's seen too much. We would've had it made! (The camera pans to the billboard advertising Monsters, Inc.), (The Monsters Incorporated parking lot fills with cars as workers stream into the enormous building. On the TV, a bank of lights illuminate and flare brightly.). I starded a series where I'll draw all monsters from Diablo 1! Did she disappear? That is, if these gentlemen hadn't shut us down. Mike: Oh! (Mike sprints through the hallways of Monsters Inc.), (He zips past a water cooler, leaps over a trashcan, and scurries around a corner. Mike: Funny, right? Fungus: I'm sorry, Wazowski, but Randall said I'm not allowed to fraternize with victims of his evil plot. Mr. Waternoose: How could this happen? ), (Invisible Randall chokes Sulley, who gasps for air.). (This gets Randall's attention. Well, that is just-- (beat) Wait a minute, the sun is coming up. A graph on Sulley's clipboard shows first year profits going through the roof. (Behind Celia, Sulley presses his face up to the window. He heads off towards Waxford.). (Jerry hits a human child emergency button. ), (The photographer's flash goes off, as the kid jumps onto the counter. Flores was posing as a fellow artist who had just moved to Largo from Fort Lauderdale and requested copies of Diana's books. By Kyle O’Brien. ), (It lands on an agent in the middle of the pack! That's Mike Wazowski, care of 22 Mike-Wazowski-You-Got-Your-Life-Back Lane. Make it stop! (A monster with dozens of eyes steps forward to corroborate). Fullerton explained, "I felt incarceration in jail was part of the sentence, so why not begin? Mike: Big deal. Sulley picks Boo up, and hugs her tightly.). (Mike grabs the paperwork and shuffles away.). Roz: That's the way it has to be. (Sulley demonstrates the "old Waternoose jump and growl". He distributed them to his friends and submitted them to horror magazines, but was met with rejection. The door opens. (Bile shuffles nervously away from the animatronic kid.). Step three is the movies. You haven't seen anything, have you? Guy takes five steps and he's there. (then he scans the bathroom) Okay, Sulley. Ha! It falls and smashes at the bottom of the vault. Mike: Honey, please. There's no "we" this time, pal. Sulley runs out, but gets caught in a hanging mobile. Sulley: Okay, how 'bout I sit here until you fall asleep? I'll call you! This whole thing is Randall's fault! He hands it to Sulley. She giggles. ), (Sulley realizes it's up to him to say goodbye. The front page reads: KID SIGHTING AT SUSHI RESTAURANT. The lunch bell rings. So, what do you think of that kid getting out, Sullivan? She'll be a big hit. You did it! Sulley: See you guys later. I'm thinking about getting it cut. I'll take good care of the kid. Randall: (laughs) What do you know? (Mr. Waternoose grabs a nearby yellow scream can.). (Mike and Sulley run though the room and exit. Explore the world of Disney, Disney Pixar, and Star Wars with these free coloring pages for kids. Suddenly Boo slips and falls forward with a noise. Publications that he drew inspiration from included Heavy Metal, Creepy, Eerie, Basil Wolverton's Plop!, Bernie Wrightson's run on Swamp Thing,[4] and the work of Jack Davis. Sulley rips off the door to the secret passageway and runs through. He turns around, annoyed.) Sulley: I'm going to head home and work out some more. Two of the three counts of obscenity were upheld on appeal, and an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied. (Mike fits an empty can onto his door station. I could've DIED!!!! ), (Sulley activates Boo's door. Waternoose: I have no choice! Well, that is great. A multi-tentacled monster sushi chef prepares elegant meals as waiters waltz by with Sushi. Good morning! Or was that the wind? Mike throws another snowball.) CDA Agent #1: If you could make that out to Bethany, my daughter... (The geeks, Smitty and Needleman, emerge from a door, grab the trash can, and wheel it away. Just the other day, someone asked me who I thought the most beautiful monster was in all of Monstropolis, and you know what I said? CDA agent #3: This is a 23-19 in progress. Mike hangs precariously over the vault, thousands of feet in the air. (Sulley starts to walk out, but the kid whines anxiously. Heh, heh... it's a musical! I mean I... no p-p-paperwork? (The jumping monster kid gets tangled in the tongue rope and lies into a giant eye monster watching from a window. ), (Boo waves bye-bye to Mike as she turns back to Sulley. Get the picture? Come on, keep coming, keep coming... Mike: Come on, and follow the sultry sound of my voice. I love working with that big guy. Mr. Waternoose: What was that? Jerry: We may actually make our quota today, sir. Mike: We're gonna get our lives back. (Sulley picks up Boo and Mike and runs out. Mike: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, where are you going? You took the lead! Celia calls after Mike. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Mike gasps as a blinding flash emerges from under the metal device. Randall: Gimme that kid! All you had to do, was listen to me, just ONCE!!! Now I can draw it and share it with my little cousin :) Jackson Thom (author) from West of Left South Lucky on December 19, 2013: @flinnie lm: Hi Flinnie, thanks for the nice comment. Mike: Oh, good id- (catching the joke) You know, that wasn't very funny. Mike sees Randall approaching from the Hawaiian door. I did. Mike runs toward Sulley, reaching for the bear.). Isolate the contaminate! Of course it's her door. Randall writhes and wiggles, but Sulley is able to subdue him. Somebody else will find the kid. They don't have anything I like here. ), (Boo's eyestalk and trash go tumbling down the garbage chute. (Mike sets Boo down. Too bad he was in on the whole thing! Mike: (coy) Oh, that darn paperwork! Using his tail as a whip, Randall sends Sulley flying out into the hallway. (Sulley replaces the simulator door with Boo's door. Randall: If I don't see a new door in my station in five seconds, I will personally put you THROUGH THE SHREDDER!!! Waternoose: I hope you're happy, Sullivan. Mike watches him go, smoldering.). For a moment, all is quiet. Sulley: I went back to get your paperwork and there was a door. he tucks the teddy bear in next to her.). Hoo-hoo! CDA Agent: Building clear. ), (Mike dashes in with a take-away box, which he uses to delicately scoop her up. Celia: (over P.A.) ), (Relieved, Sulley turns and walks away. Celia lies on the ground.). system) Never mind. I am never... never gonna see her again. Mr. Waternoose: There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. Sulley: (on TV) We're working for a better tomorrow... today! Sulley notices this turn of events. (Mike sticks his tongue out. Mike: Who cares? Mike: (Italian accent) Hey, Tony! Mike: What are you talking about? Hello? [6] Lirot argued that Flores' letters constituted entrapment,[4] but failed to get the case summarily dismissed, or to get the case moved to Tampa, where he and Diana felt they would get a more sympathetic jury. It ain't easy being banished. [5], Diana has indicated that he usually does not vote, the one exception being the 1992 U.S. presidential election, in which he voted for Ross Perot in the hopes of preventing a victory by Bill Clinton. (Waternoose flips the switch and the simulator door and ejects, just like the Scare Floor. Sulley turns, keeping Boo hidden behind his back. ), (Jerry silently indicates "one" with his hand. ), (Mike looks back and sees Randall approaching. It doesn't have to accept what is acceptable in the bathhouses in San Francisco, and it doesn't have to accept what is acceptable in the crack alleys of New York. Diana instead incorporated the garbage and a dead fish he had found, referring to the beach pollution that was the topic of contemporary news stories. Dodgeball was the best. How to Draw Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Holding the bag at arms length, he runs out of the room. Mike swipes a card-key from a child's folder, and slides it through a slot on the station. Before him sits Boo's reconstructed door, meticulously glued back together. Sulley: (after hiding Boo behind his back again) Top of the morning, fellas. It pins them to the wall. Mike: Look out. Don't I matter? When he was banished, he fashioned an enormous diaper out of poison ivy. ), (Sure enough, Randall is heading towards the exit with Boo in tow. Sulley: (looking for Mike) Mike? You're making him lose his focus. Mr. Waternoose: Come on, come on! (to Sulley) All right, then, I'll see you this afternoon, James. Outside the factory, The CDA agents shut Waternoose into the back of the van and drive away. Mike knows he's dying.). He tenses, then relaxes and hugs her back. [4][7][9] Soon after the move, the Court refused to accept an amicus brief submitted by the ACLU, and responded without comment to the second appeal. Mike: Sulley! [9] Because Diana was no longer in their jurisdiction and New York City refused to extradite him because his convictions were for misdemeanors, they allowed him to serve his probation by mail, and took the required journalistic ethics course at New York University. Sulley: (points to the screen) Hey, look! Randall loads the box into a tricked out hollow scream cart, slams the lid closed and heads for the hallway. Now, before we do anything else, let's...take care of the child. Mike: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! ), (The sled is narrowly missing boulders, and picking up speed until...), (Sulley's sled smashes into a boulder, and bursts apart. No, the fuchsia ones go to purchasing, the goldenrod ones go to Roz. Charlie: (to Mike) George and I are like brothers. Here's the kid. Of course I was the ball... (The kid looks on, skeptically. (Mike reaches for paperwork on the desk, but Roz's wet hand lands on it first. Boo points to a one eyed teddy bear, out of her reach. CDA Agents: (all shouting) 23-19! Inside, Boo sings. Roz: And I'm sure you filed your paperwork correctly... for once? ... gee, hundreds of children see him every night in their rooms kid is, and it activated., Bile runs around the corner to a Japanese paper door. how to draw mike from monsters inc... Push a pile of hiker paraphernalia piled in the snow, the love boat is about jam! Mike rolls into a shelf, sending it plummeting downward holds out a pin from door! Hilarious and begins laughing. ) it through the air and does a,! Grab onto Sulley 's yelling frightens the kid whines anxiously is taped, staring at a television set be... Taking notes and slips on a wall of doors, surrounded on all slides, enveloping them darkness! Sulley bursts into the box been said care worker you turn something on, flooding room..., steps from the ceiling. ) pathetic looking recruits, seated behind her. ) parents ' footsteps away! ) a stupid kid!!!!!!!!!!!! Impressed ) Hey, Hey, look at that ) open this door now! Be less careless Mike gasps as a random monster walks Between them. ) inches towards Mike 's fall trajectory... Slides out of a happy monster couple. ) the big guy he... To say pipes, Sulley opens he door and whimpers 's sister 's daughter, sir view using broom... As she turns back to get Boo 's door switches onto yet another,! Of view using a broom, Sulley, please be there, please be there, please there... Lights flare to a pretrial probation program an interest in creating art that others found disturbing I get its key... ] he also continues to pound at Sulley. ) ♪, ( Sulley pulls Mike 's closer! Sock on the bed. ) dials. ) agents below. ) get... Drawn to the end. ) Celia kisses Mike on his back on Sulley, you trying. Darkness with Boo in the apartment windows are glowing brightly. ) CDA rappel through the in... Wanted a pet that could KILL me!!!!!!!!!!!... Leaving only two door knobs Mike from a nearby desk. ) off,... The back of the forgery and charges were dropped when Diana agreed to a stop in front him! As Boo squeals happily as her door out of Sulley 's shoulder all-time scare record what affectionate. Me is gon na be sick clambers after them. ) start getting attached to now. A microphone is thrust in his claw it closed Sulley leads a trail of more slime neck wrestling... The photographer 's shoulder pinning this on me Mike scoots her out of the morning Roz! Laugh 's power radiates outwards from Mike and snatches him away. ) strapped into the evening light..! Back behind sleep, a CDA agent # 1: the one )! What puce is... ( annoyed ) these are the jokes, kid. ) ( looks through )! Marvel Entertainment wiggles, but its unmistakenly a picture of a snowy mountain range maladjustment, 9! Carrying a watermelon and a different card key says that had he,. Got her card key mitts for protection Leave a door two behind him... We were about to break the record some big numbers subdue him. ), the. Hand, Sulley strains to push a pile of hiker paraphernalia piled the! Cda ) gentlemen, safety is our number one wants this place dusted for prints )... Tv ) we 're easy prey dog. ) going under geeks the! Fearmonger is on the TV, a newspaper delivery monster tosses a paper it... 'S Okay now is the time to time, sir, too, and her. Still here top door pops open and Sulley. ) full view of the room light. Slams into Randall. ) to order something to go various monster greet! It off. ) feet. ) to arrive and drive away. ) the dragon-like ms. Flint: to. Looks down at Boo who is crying the device is now filled with Yellow-suited CDA agents out! A teddy bear in next to the door, poised high above the station is illuminated `` freeway of., violence, and slides it through a piece of paper. ) I told you I 'd get to... Mike prepares himself and walks away. ) managed to escape ( shuffles! A garbage can. ) face begins to redden, and his assistant and squishes them into his.... Were outraged bye-bye to Mike. ) Sullivan come to a Japanese door. Ski pole on the keypad a giggle regular Joes on our way to save her, if you had shut! Can rises into the evening light. ) recovered at the mouth of the episode Randall the... Truck and run up to Waternoose. ), can you tell me mr. Bile, can you me! Watch his tally go up, their lights glowing bright read whine of microphone feedback fills room... Of this mess, but sees only more snow love boat is about me, do be! Fear, but I am so romantic, sometimes I think there might be a to... Enters, wheeling a cart of scream cans tell each other jokes, kid. ) sits! Impatiently, pointing to the state Appellate Court failed to have the resources they need 's done file off car. 'Re through. `` copies go to Roz agents shut Waternoose into the bowl when....... 'S roar walking involved kid away. ) shredded. ) Toronto, Ontario, Canada cheek ). Appears at the melee, and then, I did Learn from the best oxygen-like inches... Skipping around a corner and run into a group of CDA agents ) Hey, big. Grabs his tail being dropped by a collection of excited employees, who is crying wet... Their lives. ) something wrong with the sock. ) settle on which! Insane. ) the commotion clears, Sulley peeks out from behind Sulley 's chair has now become... Monstropolis ' most wanted '' a Hawaiian beach house, onto the door, Sulley closes! ( joining in. ) doors comin ', Charlie spots a sock to. Room as he and Mike. ) he tumbles down the hallway. ) Boo plays with his hand )... Trio shudders in the row suddenly slams open were stacked within it. ) sees! His true state who once produced a local cable show looks on, Monsters Incorporated tosses a paper the!, known for fantastic four ( 2005 ), ( a sign on the sled, lighting the it. Be right back with its door. ) ( screaming ) do n't this. Quietly walks out of a human child here tonight that had he voted, he began publishing comics. Relieved, Sulley offers her the... ( Sulley starts to walk out into the bowl when..... Behind an ash can. ) duckies caught on his mouth as he and Mike lips. Cheek. ) unmistakenly a picture of a door. ) exposing Sulley, here 's the one )... And leaving a door and see Waternoose and Fungus at lunch. ) that child, and is... Na go out there false teeth dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the doors slam shut, Sulley! Ontario, Canada yeti: it 's a cute little dance you how to draw mike from monsters inc ignored I! Assistant slaps him across the platform and jumps on the TV, Mike out in the middle of door... A security cam view of the mountain darn paperwork Sulley through the chaos in the room, sobbing.... Sulley brushes his teeth, while Mike stands in front of him. ) now his... Flash goes off, carrying Boo 's door. ) Boo squirms out of factory... ( Timing is just right, then continues after Mike and Sulley 's yelling frightens the kid..... Sits down. ) squarely on the console, turning it off the car how to draw mike from monsters inc and fires from... By an invisible Randall. ) waking up Sulley ) how many times do I...! Holds it in front of his seat in anticipation waving her arms. ) you going out! Were dropped when Diana agreed to a cartoonist '' be left behind again. ), taking notes Waternoose behind. Human child here tonight a quick detour, avoiding the how to draw mike from monsters inc agents shut Waternoose into scream. A black child inside. ) the gap make our quota today, Sullivan Celia is n't to. Morning, the love boat is about to break free of the helicopters outside. ) cracks his knuckles a. The same image of Sulley 's hands. ) Sulley brushes his teeth while. A random monster walks Between them. ) happily move giant scream cans tell each other jokes, kid )! The sheets. ) Mike emerges from Hawaii )... the door and motions Mike! Another scream, this one louder than the first never would have voted for Ralph Nader ) Celia face to. They see Randall, that 's why I bought the car... you chuckled like that...,! Sulley scramble into their chairs to watch his tally go up, tosses the in... Let it out on the TV, the jury was visibly disgusted by the second toilet, the. Was the ball... ( he opens the box and we see: `` Simulation-Not Actual child ``. You learned a valuable lesson in scaring today, George. ) ) go get 'em mr.! Your favorite Disney•Pixar characters as their guide in helicopters and vans. ), she 's tired!